ButterflyWings TV


You can choose between multiple

packages to best meet your

work,entertainment and study


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Design and customize your own

ButterflyWings TV

All-in-One device

Easy upgrades

Good for the environment, Convenient for


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You can choose theprocessor and operating system you like

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Business Model

Our crowd-business model includes You!

The crowd funds us, develops new apps andideas,

and financially benefits too.

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ButterflyWings TV control module

-Uses ST Microelectronics' Athena series SoC controller

-ST’s newest and highest performing SoC controller

-Designed specifically for multimedia displays


-Optimization of multimedia content using Faroudja Adaptive Contrast Control II (ACCII),

Active Color Management 3D (ACM-3D) and transient noise reduction (TNR)

-Video Window detection for Multi-media content display

-Advanced Picture-in-Picture (PIP)/ Picture-and-Picture (PAP) for all input sources using 2

integrated independent video processors

-Advanced Faroudja video processing: MADi, DCDi

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ButterflyWings remote

-Only 1 Remote Control

Forget about fiddling with a separate remote for your

-TV box,DVD, game console, etc.

-The Follow Heart remote control can control all your

external devices.

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-8Lanes V-by-One HS interface.

-supports 3840 x 2160 Quad Full HDTV

format -display true 1.07G colors (8-bit +FRC).

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 ButterflyWings TV

Designallows for heat to dissipate

efficiently Stylish aluminum body

 is sturdy but lightweight Safety

     feature and no sharp edges

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