Lucida Technology Announces the Launch of the Butterfly Wings TV:The world’s first modular Smart TV                                

San Francisco, California, March 23, 2015 – Lucida Technology, an electronics manufacturer with global operations headquartered in San Francisco, USA, and leader in high definition display technology, unveiled their Butterfly Wings TV at the Changchun International Convention Center in China last week. The Butterfly Wings TV, the first modular Smart TV in the World, is a high-end display combined with the power of a computer.

David Huang , CEO of Lucida Technology said, “The Butterfly Wings TV combines unprecedented picture quality with the integrated power of a computer, in a modular and environmentally friendly form, which defines the next generation of TVs.  Butterfly Wings TV customers can design their own TV, taking advantage of the latest technology enhancements the TV line offers today, including true, Ultra High Definition picture quality, Lucida’s unique Follow Heart Remote Control, and Open Pluggable System (OPS) modularity, to get the personalized system they want.  When technology changes, they can easily upgrade their sets to stay current with the times.”

Butterfly Wings TV owners can select the exact features and components they want, including the screen size and shape; a flat or curved display.  They can select their CPU, and choose whether they want to run Linux, Windows or the Android operating system. The customer decides what best suits their application needs, whether the TV is for gaming, theater or business use.  The modular TV engine and OPS computer module, allows potentially unlimited Lucida and third-party hardware and software upgrades.  This approach allows users the ability to upgrade or repair their TV without the replacement approach required with all competing brands, which dramatically extends the life-cycle of TV technology and delivers value to the consumer.

Kerron Ramnath, Lucida co-founder said, “U.S. consumers dispose an average of over twenty million TVs a year, and many of these sets contain harmful electronic waste including BFRs, PVCs and heavy metals which can get into ground water and can damage the environment.  In contrast, the Butterfly Wings TV is BFR and PVC free, and highly recyclable.   The TV’s modular components allow for a much longer usable life-cycle than traditional TVs because the Butterfly Wings TV can be easily upgraded and repaired by simply changing one of the modules.  This reduces electronic waste.  The Butterfly Wings TV is the first truly Green TV, designed by Lucida to help protect the environment.”

The Lucida executive staff met with representatives from the American Consulatein Changchun to discuss the technology’s potential economic and environmental benefit to the United States. The United States will also benefit from the jobs created at Lucida’s distribution center and assembly plant in California.  Throughout the day, Lucida executives also met with the Changchun business and investment community, and presented Lucida’s distribution approach, which includes their formal product release in the United States in June.

The Lucida conference presentation included demonstrations of the TV’s many configurations, including their three-set 102” wide display designed for gaming and entertainment industry applications.  Lucida provided a detailed overview of the TV’s technical advantages to conference attendees. Lucida partners and suppliers providing the high-end components and accessories for the Butterfly Wings TV presented information on their products’ value.

Tom Hance, the company’s COO said, “Lucida will release the TVs in the United States before moving into other markets because the demand for high performance big-screen TVs and the desire for environmentally friendly green technology is especially strong in the U.S. and Canada.”  Hance added, “While the daisy chain feature of the sets which allows up to four sets to display at the same time will appeal to the gaming and entertainment community, the extremely high resolution and motion control features the set provides will be attractive to healthcare, government and service organizations who rely heavily on high definition viewing capability, and will likely be strong buyers of this next generation TV technology.”

Lucida’s technology presentation highlighted Lucida’s patented Follow Heart remote that automatically identifies the device you want to communicate with so changing the setting on your, TV, cable box, game console, DVR or other connected device is intuitively easier.  The company has integrated top components that will result in improved viewing opportunities including the use of a DP or Display Port which supports higher resolution and faster image refresh rates than other TVs on the market.

All Butterfly Wings TVs come natively with high-resolution 3D and components designed to deliver the best possible picture quality.  Lucida spent time sourcing the best materials from the anodized aluminum case to the internal TV components and spoke of their new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located not far from Changchun Longjia International Airport.

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