The Butterfly Wings TV Story

The Butterfly Wings 4K 3D Smart TV is designed with the view to giving the user the ultimate viewing experience. It combines many ideas into one package.

Your Own Personal TV: The first is giving people the chance to enjoy a personal product, customized by and therefore unique to them. This follows along the lines of Google's Project Ara which aims to give people personalized phones. If you want a TV whose frame matches the color of your carpet, why shouldn’t you have it? Prefer Windows  instead of Linux? Or do you like Android? With the Butterfly Wings, you can choose any of those. Forget mass produced TV’s; with Butterfly Wings, you control what is in your TV.

Ease of Use: The second idea is to give people a hassle free experience in their home by combining several devices into one. So the Butterfly Wings TV is more versatile than a TV set; you can configure it to be a monitor or an All-In-One system. (Like how Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 fulfills the functions of both a laptop and a tablet.) Intel OPS modules can be added to convert the TV into a TV/computer. Customers customize their TV, just as they can customize a computer on Dell's website.

We have also introduced patented technology with the Butterfly Wings TV to eliminate having to use multiple remote controls when using the TV. Juggling with 2, 3 or 4 remote controls (and other things such as a slice of pizza or soft drink:) is not ideal. The Butterfly Wings remote control can be used to control the TV, and can also be programmed to be used with other external input devices such as DVD players, game consoles, TV boxes. When the user selects the device he or she wants to use, the remote control will automatically switch the functions of its buttons to control the selected device.

Environmentally Friendly: The third concept is to reduce environmental waste. Last year, 13 million TV sets were thrown away in the United States alone. These TVs have lead, mercury and other heavy metals in them that leach into the groundwater. The toxic effects of these chemicals are well known and are a health hazard to animals and people. Most of these TVs are thrown away because only one part is broken but the rest of the TV works just fine. We all want to watch TV but how can we reduce this waste? The Butterfly Wings TV achieves that because if a part is broken, you only need to replace the non-functioning module for a working one instead of replacing the entire TV. Modularity also makes upgrades easy. Just slot in the new module and go. So upgrading does not mean you need to replace your entire TV.

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