Butterfly Wings TV Business Model Crowd Concepts

1. CrowdSense: We welcome ideas from everyone. Anyone can participate in developing the Butterfly Wings TV. We plan to put your ideas on our website where they can be voted on and the most popular ideas will be developed and in-cooperated into the Butterfly Wings TV. Ideas can be for anything such as a new app, software or hardware component/module, manufacturing method etc.

2. CrowdCreation and Participation: We will open design and manufacturing of software and hardware components/modules for the Butterfly 4K TV according to published specifications. You will earn a percentage from every sale of your components on our online store. You can also participate in the following ways:

-Create APPs for our app store which customers can then buy and/or install.

-Create hardware modules for the Butterfly Wings TV which customers can then buy and install.

-Create video content store which customers can then buy.

-Pitch your patents to us for use in the Butterfly Wings TV. If your patent is used to create a product (app, module etc.), you will earn royalties on every product sold.

-Partner with us to link to the Butterfly Wings TV on your website. For every referral that results in a sale, you will get a cut.

-Sign up to become a distributor. For every TV you sell, you will earn a percentage.

-Offer services to us such as local TV/module repair services, warehousing services, assembly services. We use your services and you get paid.

3. CrowdFunding: We only offer customized Butterfly 4K TVs. You can customize a TV (or many TVs) and pay us to produce this model. You can keep the TV for your personal use or offer it for sale in our online store for a price you set. When your product is sold, you will get the difference in price between what we charge you for manufacture and what you charge the customer in the store.

If you do not want to wait for us to manufacture a Butterfly 4K TV, you can buy one already customized, manufactured and placed for sale in our store.

This is a CrowdFunded store because all the already customized and manufactured products in it were paid for by someone (YOU) hoping to sell them for a profit.

We also participate in other crowd funding means such as using Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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