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ARTICLE TITLE             PUBLISHER             DATE            
A Changchun science and technology enterprise ....             Jilin TV             03.24.2015            
Lucida Technology "Butterfly Wings TV" Modular ....             Changchun Daily Newspaper             03.26.2015            
Changchun’s first export-oriented Comprehensive ....               Jilin Daily             03.26.2015            
World’s First Modular TV released in Changchun             Hong Kong Commercial Daily             03.25.2015            
A Changchun science and technology enterprise ....             China Daily             03.24.2015            
Butterfly Wings TV: the Modular TV has been released             Guangming Daily             03.24.2015            
Comprehensive Development Services to help ....             Xinhua Net             03.26.2015            
The Butterfly Wings TV heralds a new era             Changchun Evening News             03.24.2015            
The Butterfly Wings TV will first be available in June ....             Public network             03.23.2015            

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